Terms hotel


The Directorate Hotel will be highly appreciate your cooperation in complying with the Rules of Procedure, which serve to ensure a peaceful and safe stay of our guests.

§ 1

1. Pokój w hotelu wynajmowany jest na doby hotelowe.Doba trwa od godz.14.00 w dzień przyjazdu do godz. 11.00 w dzień wyjazdu.
2. If the client did not specify the length of stay in the room hiring, that the room was rented for one day.

§ 2

1. Wish to extend your stay beyond the period indicated on the day of arrival, Hotel guests should report to reception before 9:00 on, the closing date for room rental.
2. Hotel wish to extend your stay take into account whenever possible.

§ 3

1. Hotel guest room can not communicate with other people, even if it has expired, for which he paid the fare.
2. If you do not stay at the hotel can stay in a hotel room on the hour. 7:00 in time. 22:00.
3. Hotels may refuse to accept a, that during the previous visit grossly violated the rules of the hotel, causing damage to the property of guests or visitors, or injuries to any visitors, the hotel staff or other people staying at the hotel, or otherwise interfere with a peaceful stay guests or hotel operation.

§ 4

1. Hotel provides services in accordance with its category and standard. For reservations regarding the quality of service, guests are asked to report them as soon as possible at the reception, allowing employees immediate reaction at.

2. The hotel has a responsibility to ensure:
a. conditions of full and unfettered leisure guest
b. security of residence, including security secrecy about the guy.
c. Professional and courteous service for all hotel services
d. Room cleaning and perform the necessary repair equipment in the absence of a, and in the presence of only, when he wishes to
and. Technically efficient service. In the event of faults, which can not be removed, hotel will endeavor, to - if possible - to change the room or otherwise mitigate the inconvenience.

§ 5

1. On request, the hotel provides a free of charge the following services:

a. provision of information relating to travel and stay,
b. Wake up at the appointed time,
c. storage of money and valuables in lockers
deposit, during the stay in the hotel,
d. luggage storage - hotel may refuse:
admission to the luggage storage on other than a date of stay
admission to store things that do not have the characteristics of personal baggage

§ 6

1. Hotel is responsible for loss or damage to property brought by those who use its services, within the scope of Article. 846-851 Civil Code.
2. Guests must notify the hotel reception about the damage immediately after it has been discovered.

§ 7

1. Hotel Liability for loss of or damage to money, securities, valuables or objects having scientific or artistic value is limited, If these items are not deposited with.

§ 8

1. Hotel does not accept odpowiedzialno0ści for damage or loss of a car or other vehicle belonging to a.

§ 9

1. Hotel zastrzega sobie prawo do preautoryzacji karty kredytowej lub do żądania płatności z “góry” za pobyt, w przypadku gości będących w Hotelu po raz pierwszy. W momencie odmowy Recepcjonista ma prawo odmówić wydania klucza do pokoju.

2. Recepcjonista ma prawo prosić Gościa hotelowego o uregulowanie rachunku wcześniej niż przy wyjeździe, w przypadku gdy rachunek przekracza kwotę 1000zł brutto.

3. Wpłacone zadatki na poczet rezerwacji nie podlegają zwrotom.

§ 10

1. The hotel is to keep silence on the hour. 22:00 in time. 7:00 the next day.
2. The behavior of visitors and people using the services of the hotel should not interfere with other guests staying calm. Hotel may refuse to continue to provide services to, that violate this principle.

§ 11

1. Każdorazowo opuszczając pokój gość powinien zamknąć okna, wyłączyć telewizor, zgasić światło, zamknąć krany instalacji wodociągowej, sprawdzić zamknięcie drzwi i pozostawić klucz w recepcji. Za zgubienie klucza pobierana jest opłata 150zł netto.
2. Guest is responsible for all types of damage to or destruction of equipment and technical devices at arising from his fault or the fault of the visitors of.
3. Due to fire safety may not use heaters in rooms, electric irons and other similar devices which are not equipment room.

§ 12

1. Personal belongings left by a guest in a hotel room, will be sent to the address indicated by a. If you do not receive such offers hotel will store these items for a period of 3 months.